OM is where guerilla theatre meets opera. We bring site-specific, immersive theatre to the world of opera, reimagining and reinterpreting classic works for modern audiences.

We are a theatre collective and creative team based in the UK. Opera Machine 2+1 is our latest project. We often explore themes of social conflict, war, and sexuality, in gritty and unexpected ways. Knowing no bounds, we have forayed into the sacred world of Opera to deliver an immersive retelling of the stories of three iconic and amazing women: Cio Cio San, (Madam Butterfly), Magda Sorel (The Consul), and Lady MacBeth. Every performance is an experiment with combining physical-immersive theater and the dynamism of opera.

Opera + Guerrilla Theatre = OperaMachine

We are currently planning a rolling repertoire of three shows to be performed in 5-week seasons in amazing sight-specific locations in London with an ensemble of 15 emerging stars and a migrant chorus of 20.

OM 2+1 is our latest project. We are telling Cio Cio San and Magda Sorel’s fascinating stories and adding one more: Miss Carmen.

Find out more on our blog, or follow us on Twitter @OperaMachine.

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